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At Wellstone Auto Spa, we understand that your vehicle is more than just a mode of transport; it's a reflection of your style and sophistication. That's why we're passionate about delivering top-tier car detailing services that go beyond the surface, preserving your car's beauty and ensuring it stands out on the road.


Our team of skilled detailers combines expertise with premium products to offer meticulous care for your vehicle's interior and exterior. From restoring the luster of your paint to rejuvenating the interior, we're committed to delivering a level of excellence that exceeds expectations.

Key Features:

  1. Unrivaled Expertise:
  • Our detailers are seasoned professionals with a combined 76 years of experience. They are  trained in the art of car detailing, ensuring every vehicle receives specialized attention and care.
  1. Comprehensive Services:
  • We offer a range of detailing packages catering to various needs, from basic exterior cleans and comprehensive interior restoration to ceramic coating and ppf, ensuring every corner of your vehicle is immaculate.
  1. Quality Products:
  • We use premium, industry-leading products and techniques, guaranteeing a long-lasting clean, shine and protection for your vehicle’s surfaces.
  1. Convenience Guaranteed:
  • We are conveniently located on University Drive in Durham. If you need travel assistance while your car is with us, we have a beautiful courtesy vehicle you can enjoy. We save you time and prevent hassle.

Wellstone Auto Spa Google Reviews

111 Reviews - Aggregate 5 Stars

Jack Zhou

The first thing I did after picking up my brand new EV6 was to take it to Jay and let him work his magic. He and his team did a beautiful job with the ceramic coat so I can rest assured that my car will look fresh off the lot for years. One conversation with Jay is all it takes to understand how much he cares about his craft. The quality of Wellstone's work is unparalleled.

Jack Zhou


I am in awe at what they did to my car. Exceptional work done ...inside and out...my BMW X6 is spotlessly clean and shines like new again!

The ac vents cleaned, leather treated, mats like new again, dash clean. Bonnet and trunk cleaned.
Paintwork clean and smooth to touch, rims sparkling and wheel well clean. Exhaust pipe shines. Really...HIGH END DETAILING!

Customer service is excellent. Really courteous and helpful. Offered a loaner and worked diligently to deliver my car on time.

I am recommending Welstone Auto Spa because of the high quality of work done and great Customer Service.

Beverly Johnson

Byron Ruben

I’ve been a long time customer of Wellstone Auto Spa. Wellstone ceramic coated my brand new 4Runner three years ago and it still looks better than new!

I always wanted a black car, but was afraid of the amount of upkeep they require. The Japanese ceramic coating they applied (Kamikaze) is arguably one of the best coatings available —and after three years, it still looks great!

I love this shop for the following reasons: They are conveniently located on University Drive; the owner and crew are passionate, “old school” professionals that use only the finest products
and take their time perfecting every detail of the car; and every product they use on the interior of the car are natural, plant based and non-toxic. Value: The bottom line is you will pay less, and get more for your dollar here.

Bryon Ruben


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