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Christine Thai

Christine Thai

Jay is amazing! Wellstone really cares about their customers and really puts out the best work I have seen. Jay really knows his stuff and really does a fantastic job on my car. As a fellow Angelino, he took really good care of my and my partner's car. Also, like any Angelino, he really loves his cars and he really shows it in the amazing detail job. He is meticulous and a true master at his craft but he's is not there to rip anyone off. Jay is very communicative and personable so my partner and I were able to easily follow along with the progress of our cars.

Wellstone is very accommodating and has loaner cars that are available to use while you wait for your car to be finished.

Highly recommend!

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Tim Shearer - profile car detailing

Tim Shearer

Can't recommend Wellstone enough. Booked in my 20yr old Benz at short notice, they took care of a bunch of age related dents and minor scratches, restored the headlights, cleaned/conditioned the interior, did a paint correction and ceramic coating. All for a great price. Thanks, Jay!


Tim Shearer - car detailing - mercedes

Zack Zhou

Zack Zhou

The first thing I did after picking up my brand new EV6 was to take it to Jay and let him work his magic. He and his team did a beautiful job with the ceramic coat so I can rest assured that my car will look fresh off the lot for years. One conversation with Jay is all it takes to understand how much he cares about his craft. The quality of Wellstone's work is unparalleled.


Zack Zhou - ceramic coating vehicle

Alan Nunez

Alan Nunez

Transformative. It's like traveling back in time and seeing my car for the first time. From the moment I stepped into Wellstone, I knew it was the place for me. The facilities are impeccable and Jay's knowledge of detailing seems infinite. Jay was communicative through every step of the process and never tried to upsell me. Will definitely be back!


Alan Nunez - auto detailing

Interior Car Wash Near Me

Car interior cleaning involves restoring the brand-new look and feel of your car’s interior. The process requires using the right car interior cleaners for the right material and being careful not to damage anything. After all, some parts are delicate and can easily be damaged with the wrong chemical or tool.


So, this guide will clear up the topic of finding a good car wash to visit. We will also cover the most important parts of the cleaning process so that you’re ready for anything. It all begins with searching for the phrase “interior car wash near me.”

How to Find a Good Interior Car Wash Near Me?

The car wash doesn’t have to offer exclusively interior car wash services. You can go to a full-service car wash and still get excellent results. The key to finding a good one lies in the small details. Let’s explain.


First, here are a few very effective methods for finding the best car wash to clean your vehicle’s interior.

Use Online Directories

Online directories are perfect for finding any type of service, especially when it comes to local services. So, all you have to do is go to a directory like Yelp or Yellow Pages and start searching.


Type in terms such as “interior car cleaning near me”, or “best full service car wash near me” and look at the options. If you set the right location, every service that pops up will be in your area.


The reason online directories are extremely helpful is because they show crucial information about that service. The review, work hours, ratings, estimates, photos, and everything else will help you make a better decision.

Search on Google Maps

If you’re unsure which directory to use, Google Maps is the next best thing. You don’t even have to select a location here. Simply type in something like “car deep cleaning near me”, or “interior car cleaning near me” and you will get tons of listings considering there are any available around your location.


Google Maps will instantly show you all of the service’s ratings, closing hours, reviews, website, contact information, as well as directions to that location. All of it will be neatly packed on the same page.

Ask People

This may sound too simple but it often yields the best results. People you know who’ve been to an interior car wash service and liked it will highly recommend it. So, all you have to do is ask a bunch of people and see what they recommend.


If you still need to investigate, you can find the car wash online and look at their reviews and ratings. If you like what you see, feel free to check it out yourself.

How Much Would Interior Car Cleaning Near Me Cost?

The average can interior detailing or cleaning costs anywhere from $50 to a couple of hundred dollars. The exact price depends on the following factors: the location, the current condition of your vehicle, its size, and the types of services you choose to be performed.


Three of these factors should be perfectly clear. As for the types of services, this refers to what exactly needs to be done in order to clean your car’s interior. For example, a hand wash car wash could simply dust off your interior or they can perform a complete interior restoration. Obviously, the latter would cost much more.

3 Services That the Best Full-Service Car Wash Near Me Is Likely to Offer

A full-service car wash not only cleans your car’s interior, they can also clean, wax, and polish the outside as well. Think of it as a car spa where everything is done so that your car looks and feels almost brand new. This is a great thing to do if you’re trying to sell your car.


So, here’s most of what you can expect from a car wash like this to provide you.

Exterior Cleaning

The first and most common task they perform is to thoroughly clean the outside of your car. This involves using all the necessary tools and chemicals to ensure a shiny exterior. In addition to cleaning it, many of them will also wax and polish the paint if you wish.

Interior Cleaning

During this process, the car wash staff will vacuum the inside of your car, remove any stains or spills, and even remove any unwanted odors if present. In addition, they can also use special solutions that restore the paint and quality of the plastic and other materials inside your vehicle. They also ensure to use the best equipment and resources of this job, such as Nexgen microfiber towels, and so on.


It is also crucial that they properly dry the interior to prevent fungus growth and similar issues. Overall, there’s a certain process involved in interior car cleaning that should be followed carefully.

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A more complete list of all interior car wash processes looks something like this:

  • Stain removal
  • Odor removal
  • Fabric protection
  • Vacuuming
  • Clean interior plastics
  • Plastic protection
  • Vynil cleaning
  • Disinfection and sanitization
  • Mirror and window cleaning

In any case, the cheapest and fastest way to clean the inside of a car is to go to a service that specilizes in this. If you decide to do it yourself, the initial costs of buying all of the equipment and resources necessary for a good job can potentially break the bank.


This process involves getting creative and doing various tasks to ensure that your vehicle looks amazing. This includes fixing scratches, dents, headlight restoration, clay bar treatment, odor removal, tire cleaning, and so on.

Keep in mind that not every hand car wash offers detailing. Ideally, you should search for something like “car wash and detail near me”, or “detail car wash near me”.

Car Deep Cleaning Near Me vs DIY At Home - What Should I Do?

If you’re having trouble deciding whether you should visit a car interior detailing shop or if you should do the cleaning and detailing yourself, here are some tips that will make your choice easier.


At the end, you can decide for yourself which one is more worthwhile. Also, you need to consider whether you have more time or money to spare.


A professional detail car wash uses a ton of different products and solutions to clean and detail your vehicle. Additionally, they know which products will clean which material and which ones will completely destroy it. This is something you need to be careful of if you decide to do it yourself at home.


So, when professionals clean your car, they use a list of different products. Some of them usually include different all-purpose cleaners, carpet cleaners, odor eliminators, leather cleaner, plastic cleaner, and so on. 


If you don’t plan to clean the interior of your car very often, then it’s more cost-efficient to simply search “interior car wash near me”, go to the nearest one, and be done with it quickly.


If you plan on cleaning and detailing your car’s interior often, then it is more cost-efficient to pay the upfront investment and save up on costs later on. Buying all the necessary products and equipment may be more expensive at the start, but it is definitely cheaper later down the road compared to going to a detail shop every single time.


Let’s explore some of the most important elements you’ll have to pay for at the beginning.


  • Cleaners for different materials (plastic, windows, leather, vinyl, carpets, etc…)
  • A professional car was vacuum cleaner
  • Steamer (steaming your car seats and carpet kills bacteria, can remove nasty smells and stains)
  • Microfiber towels
  • Material protectants
  • Different-sized brushes

Remember that if you decide to also clean the outside of your car, there is a whole new array of products and tools you will need to invest in. A few of the most important ones include:


  • Tire cleaners
  • Wax and polish
  • Electric buffer
  • High-pressure hose nozzles
  • Car shampoo and conditioners
  • Clay bars


Based on all of this information, you decide what seems more worthwhile to you. Is it the upfront investment or the cheaper one-time visits to an auto detail shop now and then.

Is It Better to Go to a Full Service Car Wash Inside and Out?

A good question that pops up here and there is whether you should just visit a full service car wash or go to one that specializes in interior cleaning. Well, it depends mostly on two factors: time and money. A full detail is not as cheap as a simple exterior wash and will take several hours, if not more than a day, to complete.


Before you decide, here’s how the typical process at a full service car wash goes.

Step 1: Exterior Wash

First, the staff completely cleans off the exterior of your car. This includes spraying it with high-pressure water, shampooing it, and hosing it down again. Then, the exterior is dried and wiped down to ensure no smudges or stains are left behind.

Step 2: Waxing and Polishing

Next up, a layer of wax and polish adds the finishing touches to the exterior of your vehicle. The polish makes sure you car shines bright like a diamond while the wax serves as a protective layer to preserve that shine for longer.

Step 3: Wheel and Tire Cleaning

Before the staff starts to clean the interior, all that’s left are the wheels. The wheels are first sprayed with high water pressure and then a tire shine is used to bring out the full blackness of the tires. This often results in your car getting a showroom look.

Step 4: Interior Cleaning

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Now comes the full interior cleaning process. The team will do absolutely everything necessary to restore the brand new look and feel inside your vehicle. This involves removing odors and stains, cleaning the dashboard, seats, carpet, trunk, windows, and anything else that might need attention.

Step 5: Engine Wash

This important process is often overlooked. Cleaning the car engine is necessary in order to remove grime and grease that are damaging the vehicle’s overall health.

Step 6: Clay bar treatment

This process is also important if you want your vehicle to have showroom quality. A clay bar is a product that restores the smoothness of your car’s paint. It will not remove scratches and it’s not made from actual clay.

Step 7: Headlight Restoration

Finally, to add the finishing touches to a gorgeous look and feel, the team applies the necessary steps to get your vehicle’s headlights looking crystal clear once again.

How to Find the Best Full Service Car Wash Near Me?

This is a process that involves research and asking some questions. Your best option is to either ask a search engine like Google or ask a friend. Then, research the recommendations you get and vet them based on your needs and requirements. 


Once you’re done, you should have a short list titled “best full service car wash near me” that will point you in the right direction. After that, it’s just a matter of calling some of them and asking important questions that will influence your decision.

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